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Yachts for Scattering of Ashes in Charleston

The passing of a loved one is experienced by each of us in our life time. The scattering of their ashes at sea provides a meaningful and memorable closure in which we feel connected to nature and the cycle of life. Being on the water with family and friends is a comforting way to commemorate and celebrate life.

Charleston Charter and Yacht provides an array of beautiful, well appointed yachts for various sized groups. Our professional licensed crew will ensure your safety and comfort while you experience the beauty and serenity of the timeless and infinite ocean.

Some people choose to bring a clergy or mediator to perform a more formal ceremony while many others choose to create their own personal memorial. All of our events are custom and suited to you and your group.

Your vessel will leave our dock at Ripley Light Marina, located at 95 Ripley Pointe Drive (on the SpringHill Suites side of the marina), Slip A46 in Charleston near the airport.  You will see two gang planks, one shore side and one in the middle of the creek.  You will take the one on the right (middle of the creek), turn right, and then turn left.  "Lucky Me" is the last yacht on your left.


We will cruise through the Charleston Harbor past Fort Sumter and onto the ocean. In most instances, the nearby offshore location is protected from the ocean swell by the surrounding land.

When we reach the location, your group will gather at the part of the vessel best suited to scattering the ashes. At this time some groups have their mediator, if they have chosen one, perform a ceremony, while some other groups share their thoughts or memories of their departed loved one with each other. Some merely view the ocean and reflect.

Often, biodegradable flowers are tossed into the water before or after the ashes are scattered.. Biodegradable urns are available from some cremation services, whereby the urn or ashes container is tossed into the water as a whole and slowly sinks and dissolves. Ask your cremation service about this

When and Where

Your vessel will be private for your group and will travel just outside Charleston Harbor where your scattering of ashes will take place nearby the shelter of land. The area on the water where we most commonly go for scattering of ashes has breathtaking views of Atlantic Ocean.

Your Captain will note the exact Latitude and Longitude and time of the scattering. While we will schedule your vessel according to your wishes, for your comfort we recommend most highly the mid morning hours, before our local Charleston Harbor ocean breezes begin.

A two hour minimum will accommodate a simple ceremony and the travel time from our Ripley Light Marina location to the ocean location and back Many groups, however, opt to schedule their yacht for a longer time so that they may spend more time together on the water. Often, this gathering brings family and friends from various locations and affords an opportunity for them to enjoy each other's company.

Charleston Harbor is a stunningly beautiful backdrop to extend their time together.


Testimonials Read More

I personally want to thank you for your help in arranging our cruise for the memorial in April. Everything was absolutely beautiful.
Mary P. Long

The water was calm and the day was peaceful. Being aboard your boat with our family and friends made saying goodbye a little easier for us. Thank you for your care and compassion during the cruise. It was a beautiful and memorable experience.
David and Jeannie Pointer

Bridal Associasion